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DCCurl offers the short url service with the possibility of customizing the final link and allows you to compose a link that contains the name of your company or any other keyword available that will more easily help the audience of users who will see your link to better understand, from a first glance, the theme of the topic you are dealing with will help you significantly to increase your click-through rates that you will receive.


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You decide! You can let DCCurl make a random short link endpoint for you or you are free to specify a custom endpoint for your shorten url.

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How to create a short link

You will surely have seen very short links many times, if you have wondered why users decide to shorten links before sharing them to their audience you should know that there are mainly two reasons why it is a good practice shorten the url.

  • - The shorter the url, the easier it is to insert in contexts such as posts and direct messages.
  • - The urls can be customized by choosing the endpoints that best suit the context for which the link is created.

Let's take a case of RANDOM url for instance:

Suppose that you have an url that compose a link like the following:


and you want to convert this url in something that is more clean, and short enough to be easy readable, you can use a free service like dccurl.com in order to magically create a version of the same link, but with an url much more clean and readable.

If you decide to not specify a custom url, dccurl will create a random unique url endpoint for you and will automatically bind it to your original url that you provided.

The result will be something like this:


Let's take a case of CUSTOM url:

Suppose that you want to own a keyword which refers to a products or service that you are trying to sell and you want to have an url which is optimized for a specific keyword let's say "test keyword" for instance, you can use dccurl custom short url in order to make a beautiful, easy to read url shorten link.


and you want to convert this url in a customized one, which is more clean and of course will better fit your keyword needs, since the url generated will be based on what you specified in the creation of shortlink by selecting custom url.

The result will be something like this:


Short url with custom branded link

The following image shows how you can short url using the custom url shorten feature, which will allow you to create your own shorten link with brandend custom url.

Shorten URL

Once you have successfully created your shorten url you can easily copy the generated short url by clicking on the copy button.

Short URL

Now you are ready to start creating you own random or custom shorten link using the form on the top of this page.

DCCurl for Developers

Discover DCCurl shorten url API service.

Our DCCurl API comes as feature to satisfy the needs of who want to automate the process of url shortening calling our API from remote application.

How shorten url API works ?

After subscribing to DCCurl you will obtain an apikey which allow you to easy integrate DCCurl into your application. After that, you are ready to do your first api call and obtain you shorten link in response.